Factory Tonchelli and her tradition
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Factory Tonchelli and her tradition

The Toncelli factory began its long journey in the 60s, in the heart of the wooden craft of Tuscany, and now has come to the present with the latest innovations. The secret of the company: to preserve its identity, both the roots and the projection of the soul, has not changed. The company is managed by Lorenzo Toncelli, who is the CEO and sales manager of Tommaso Toncelli.

This is the smartest example of a business that can grow without changing its principles.

Today, the traditions of manufacturing products of the factory are supported by the control of internal flow and the company has moved to industrial processes, carefully studying the foreign market.

Toncelli continues its history, creating exclusive and unique products. Constant search for selected materials, allows you to get unique interior elements.

The quality of Toncelli lies in the necessary processes that allow to process the material and make it an exquisite product thanks to the skill of professionals.

Special attention is paid to the kitchen. Each kitchen has a unique and unique design.

The love of nature, natural materials and the highest level of craftsmanship when working with wood, as always, are reflected in the collections of Toncelli.

Lorenzo Toncelli believes that the streamlined production is a dynamism, due to which the company must be ahead of time and able to predict changes.