Factory Castro Lighting chandelier Prisma
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Factory Castro Lighting chandelier Prisma

Castro Lighting, founded in 1978 by innovative spirit, won the confidence of many around the world. A passion for design, the necessary skills and courage in solutions have become the principles of creating a brand.

Castro Lighting is a great combination of aesthetics, motivation, hard work and a desire for something new. The factory is famous for its uniqueness, the highest quality and beauty.

Combining the authenticity of traditional Portuguese metalworking technologies, creative craftsmanship and artistic masters, ensures a first-class result. Thus, a wide range of products in different styles from classic to modern has been created to provide perfect lighting for any room.

The brand combines in its design lightness, strength and exquisite performance with Swarovski crystals. A long-term partnership was created between the two companies to ensure the production of a quality product.

Delicate handmade brass, unique texture, polished or matte finish are the key points that make each lamp a real artistic work.

Thanks to 40 years of experience, the company has made technological progress, which has led to the creation of unique lighting designs.

Prisma chandelier is a prime example. Due to its prismatic shape, this extremely luxurious lighting element fits any interior. With elevated shapes and zigzag lines, Prisma truly embodies sophistication and elegance in its design.

This unique and versatile part consists of a moving brass structure and is equipped with a Swarovski crystal in the middle, which creates a glamorous effect.

 Be inspired by the dynamism and elegance of this pendant, as the simple geometry of the brass element complements the interior and makes it unforgettable.