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Home interior

Sideboard: classic and its exclusivity

Sideboard in the living room is ideal for storing dishes, decor, souvenirs and other various gizmos.

It looks quite elegant and tasteful while saving space.

Part of the sideboard is made of glass, which allows you to see each object and admire its appearance. It can be considered the heart of the living room, which not only decorates the space, but also performs other additional functions.

There are also closed sections for things that you would like to hide from view and protect from dust.

The sideboard in the classic style is chosen most often, because it has a special charm, elegance and luxury.

All items in the interior support a certain style and are selected according to customer requests. Different shades, sizes and harmony of classic products speaks for itself.

They differ:

- material;

- unique style;

- installation (modular, angular, mounted).

The sideboard in classical style decorates the room with its design and will always be relevant, because the classic does not go out of style and enchants with wealth and Italian chic.

Classic style buffet

The classic buffet is a spectacular element of the interior that will decorate your home with wealth, elegance and nobility.

The uniqueness and originality of the classic Italian buffets is an indicator of your status and good taste.

They are assigned a decorative role. It serves as a stand for antiques, figurines and various vases.

Italian manufacturers have tried to make the classic buffet look aristocratic and respectable. It is made from high-quality wood (oak, walnut, cherry, mahogany).

Wood can undergo a special treatment - patination, due to which it will be artificially aged.

Italian buffet is particularly durable and of high quality.

Showcase: Italy at its best

Italian shop windows one of the most important elements in the interior. Showcases are located in the hallway, bedroom, living room and dining room. They are similar to a sideboard, but they differ in a number of certain qualities.

Italian display cases are designed to store photos, dishes, souvenirs and antiques.

One of their main features is the presence of glass inserts, thanks to which you and your guests can see the details of the decor.

They occupy less territory and at the same time are aristocratic in appearance.

Showcase for the living room - it is an important element of furniture. It allows you to divide the space and bring into the interior a moment of practicality.

Italian showcases are made of selected wood species: beech, alder and oak. This ensures her durability.

Italian buffet

The buffet has long fascinated many connoisseurs of beauty with its elegance and ergonomics.

This is a great choice for dining, living room or kitchen.

It is in these rooms that space plays a very important role and its distribution must be approached with special care.

Buffet has gone through many modifications, but it has not lost its relevance. Today it has become an integral part of the kitchen interior and is designed with a high level of convenience, style and functionality.

Italian buffet created with special attention to detail and made exclusively from environmentally friendly materials that go through all the necessary production stages of processing. He invented to make life more convenient and comfortable.

This is an indispensable part in the design of the kitchen or dining room. It serves not only as a place to store, but also endows the interior with elegance and charm.