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Elite racks for living room

For status owners, elite shelving is a must.

The modern living room just needs the original and designer shelving.

Different sizes allow you to choose a rack for any room. Its asymmetry gives the room ease and comfort. Sections alternate between themselves and diluted with thumbs and modules. Also, they are supplemented with a glass or sliding door.

The advantage of shelving is their serial production, which allows, if necessary, to supplement it with a module.

Open shelving is used to zoning a room. They save space and increase storage space.

Shelving: Italy and its traditions

Italian racks have always been known for their quality and unique style, thanks to which they won the trust of many customers.

Shelving Italian manufacturers are particularly reliable, durable and comfortable. With their help, you can easily place a lot of things and save space. They are perfect for books, decor and accessories.

Ergonomic shelves complement the design of any interior and do not spoil the whole picture. Diverse models convey the Italian mood as much as possible.

There are several types of racks:

- shelving - a partition that is used as an object for dividing a room;

- the frame rack consists of shelves and racks that allows to distribute storage areas;

- the corner ones are located in the butt zones and there can be both an independent and an additional unit;

- wall have open shelves and are installed against the wall.

Models of Italian shelving is a collection of bold combinations and expensive materials.

Elements in classical style are endowed with strict and elegant forms, decorated with carvings and unique decor.

Italian masters work tirelessly to create a truly elegant and luxurious piece of furniture.

The most common and popular materials is an array of wood. It is wood products that can create a unique atmosphere of coziness and comfort. They are resistant to external influences and are not amenable to changes in room temperature.

In addition, the tree is perfectly combined with plastic, aluminum and glass.

Italian racks are versatile and multifunctional products that are endowed with a huge amount of unique qualities:

- versatility;

- stylish design;

- wear resistance;

- ergonomics.

With the help of Italian furniture you can complement any interior and decorate the space.

Italian exclusive walls

Italian walls even after the expiration of many do not lose their relevance. Most often they are purchased for living rooms. They fit perfectly into the design concept and complement the entourage.

The interior of your living room is always under scrutiny, so it should be beautiful, practical and elegant.

Italian walls meet all these criteria and are capable of falling in love at first sight.

A rich assortment combines models of various shapes, colors and styles.

Among the varieties are:

- modular;

- stationary;

- standard;

- closed and open models.

 The Italian wall will satisfy all your wishes and complement the interior.


A bookcase is a piece of furniture that is designed to store books. It is equipped with a large number of shelves of various sizes, which allows it to accommodate a lot of items.

The standard cabinet consists of two parts. Besides him, there are several types:

- modular;

- corps;

- embedded.

A huge selection of products makes it possible to choose the element necessary for your interior.