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Tables: Italy and its luxury pieces of furniture

Italian furniture is now in demand all over the world. Its quality and expensive appearance has already conquered many designers and architects. Especially if we talk about tables. A variety of models, colors and an amazing combination of different materials have become the basis of more than one masterpiece.

The table is an element of the interior without which you can not do without the house. For any room, this is a wonderful functional or decorative addition.

Collections of Italian factories are replenished with both classic models and trendy novelties. This greatly expands the client circle.

If you want your house to have a twist, then the Italian version of the table is very appropriate.

Italian manufacturers have always tried to surprise their customers not only with the highest quality, but also with impeccable design.

Now tables of artificial stone are very popular.

One of the most common models was a round table. This is a very sophisticated attribute that fits perfectly into the entourage.

Due to its shape it can not be called practical, but the fact that it will decorate any room is a fact.

The banal and comfortable shape of the table is rectangular. You can place it anywhere in the house.

Italian tables are considered the pride of the furniture industry. They are able to create a cozy and hospitable atmosphere and a peculiar interior.

A separate niche is occupied by glass tables. This is a continuous combination of beauty, convenience and functionality.

Glassware will please its owners with long-term exploitation and special luxury.

Folding and sliding tables occupy the minimum amount of space, which allows you to save space, but will help out before the arrival of guests.

Classics and exclusive tables of Italy

Classic tables - a collection of impeccable style, family traditions, mature appearance and comfort.

This is part of the interior, which is able to decorate any room. The classic table is ideal for a living room, it will become the basis of your celebration.

The harmony of the interior depends on how correctly all its elements are selected.

Tables in the classical style are made from natural wood, they are quite practical and durable. Can be round, oval, rectangular, folding or sliding, while elegant and refined.

High-quality materials such as: yew, oak, mahogany, cherry, beech, ash are the best option in making furniture.

All the details go through the necessary stages of production.

If you decide to furnish your house with classics, then the Italian table will be just a godsend.

You can be sure, he will not lose his luster, even after a long time.

Due to the special processing of wood, the products are characterized by maximum strength and durability.

Beige and other calm shades look very harmonious in conjunction with the tree.

Ornaments of the classic table can be hand carved or painted.

It is aesthetics and beauty that will be relevant outside of time.

Italian tables have many advantages and not a single flaw.

Impeccable quality is a confirmation.

Designer coffee tables

Designer coffee tables are, first and foremost, elegance. It is an element of the interior, which is indispensable due to its dynamism and progressiveness.

Italians use the best ways of making furniture.

Design furniture is a rather eccentric attribute and very often one product combines several materials that seemingly impossible to connect with each other.

The coffee table can be made of wood, metal or glass.

Wooden tables fill the house with a friendly atmosphere and perfectly fit any interior.

Tables made of metal look quite expensive, but this compensates for their original design and incredible duration of operation.

Glass tables are distinguished by excessive originality, since often a special object can serve as a support.

At the same time, from what material they would not have been made-they are very multifunctional.

Elite dressing tables can be both traditional and decorative.

Traditional is usually a function of storing books or magazines, and decorative simply serves as an ornament to the interior.

 Italian writing desk

The writing desk is an integral attribute of the cabinet, and the Italian tables, even more so.

Comfortable and functional, they are able to give an aesthetic look to any room.

You can buy a small table if you have a small office or vice versa, to buy a huge one if the cabinet is huge.

Italian writing tables are made of high-quality and selective wood species, which means that the durability of the product will allow you to enjoy their design for a long time.

Italian furniture is a synonym for amazing quality, elegance and luxury.

 Italian furniture in Kiev

Buy Italian furniture to decorate the room - this is a reasonable solution.

We offer a wide range of Italian tables, different in appearance and functionality. Among the huge amount you can buy both a classic table and a modern one.

A large number of buyers have already appreciated Italian elegance and elegance.

Luxury tables are located in the best houses in Kiev and Ukraine in general.

Products of eminent Italian designers conquered the hearts of many.