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Italian Bathroom Furniture

The bathroom is a place where we retire and relax after a hard day, regardless of whether we take a shower or lie in a jacuzzi. Accordingly, this room should be beautiful, cozy and most comfortable.

In this matter, an excellent solution will be the purchase of Italian furniture. It is a reliable, practical and multifunctional option that looks like a luxurious and refined composition.

No matter what style your bathroom is designed for, Italian furniture is suitable for any destination.

The furnishing of this room should consist of several necessary items:

- curbstone under the sink;

- chest of drawers;

- Shelving;

- pencil case;

- cupboard.

You can decorate the bathroom according to how much space allows you.

If you have a large quadrature, then in addition to everything you can add a small sofa or an armchair and a dressing table.

A very common option today is furniture made of wood. Because of this, many are concerned with the question of how practical it is to use it in places of high humidity.

Italian furniture passes all the necessary production stages of preparation and processing of wood, so you can have no doubt about its durability.

 Luxurious bathroom furniture

Luxury bathroom furniture has a number of differences from conventional furniture:

- Expensive natural materials;

- design;

- style of execution;

- ergonomics;

- Exclusivity.

Above the development of elite furniture, eminent designers work and the presence of such an interior indicates your status and consistency.

Elite bathroom furniture is selected according to the design features of the new collections and strictly in accordance with the needs of the customer.

Expensive items of bathroom furniture have high functionality and this is a big plus in the purchase of such a product.

Premium furniture in our salon is imported exclusively from Italy.

It is not only exclusive, but also strong, durable and reliable. A huge number of items created manually. Therefore, many details are found only in a single example.

Elite bathroom furniture is made with a full composition, which means you do not have to bother to pick up all the necessary elements in the design of the bathroom.

Exclusive bathrooms

Exclusive bathroom furniture is made exclusively to order, considering all your wishes, features and dimensions of the house.

It is distinguished by the highest quality and the availability of innovative design ideas.

Exclusive furniture creates a luxurious interior that emphasizes your status and personality.

It is made from valuable and selective wood species, such as: oak, walnut and

white poplar.

Creating an exclusive bathroom interior, you can order a wardrobe, a cabinet under the sink, a mirror, a display case, a shelf, a dressing table and hangers.

Since bathroom furniture is constantly in a room with high humidity, all pieces of furniture are treated with special compounds and varnishes, which reliably protect it from external influences.

In the decor apply hand carving, silvering, gilding, patination and craquelure.

Bathroom furniture: classic and dignity

The bathroom is a room where we take relaxing procedures and relax from the hustle and bustle.

Very important is the interior of this room. A fairly common option was a bathroom in a classic style.

The classic headset looks solid and emphasizes the status of the owner.

It has a list of distinctive features that distinguish it from other directions:

- Natural materials. Use of natural materials such as: wood or stone;

- a unique ornament and original decorative elements;

- for finishing uses gilding, mirrors and glossy surfaces;

- furniture processing using various techniques;

- the absence of cumbersomeness and massiveness;

- Straight lines and clear outlines.

Separate attention deserves the decoration of ceilings and walls. Walls are laid with tiles or wallpaper, imitating expensive fabric. The ceiling is decorated with plaster moldings.

When we are engaged in decorating a bathroom in a classical style, it is very important to choose the right colors. In this case, preference is given to calmer tones.

The composition for the bathroom in a classic style combines: suspended ceilings, cabinets, cupboard-pencil case and various lockers.

All the furniture in this style is basically symmetrical, can be either strict forms or with more smooth curves.

Giving preference to the classics, you will never lose.

Thanks to our company, an Italian bathroom can now be ordered and bought in Ukraine. In the city of Kiev and Lviv are our showrooms, where you can get acquainted with the range and consult in more detail with our managers.

Pleasant shopping!