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Elite Italian doors

The first thing that strikes the eyes in any house - is the entrance or interior doors.

They are made from a variety of materials. Can be metal, wooden, glass and MDF.

If your house has Italian furniture, then certainly there should be an Italian door.

They should fit well into the interior so as not to damage the overall picture, as it is an integral part of the entourage.

 In the manufacture of Italian doors, many years of tradition of masters, designers and architects come out with modern technology and materials.

Italy has long occupied the position of one of the best door manufacturers.

Italian doors are divided into several varieties.

The first is the mass production of large Italian factories. The product is made of glued bursa. The door box consists of a frame made of lamellae. The classic color, the smooth surface and the ratio of low prices and excellent quality made this product

demanded around the world. To date, many companies operate on Italian equipment.

The second type is a door made of lamellar canvases, which are made of veneers of more expensive wood.

From the beams, not only the box, but also the interior of the door is executed. Such doors have a price higher than the previous ones.

The third kind is elite doors from the array. Such doors are not made massively, as in their production more often used manual work.

The basis of the production of such doors is good drying. The tree must be well dried away from sunlight and subject to the correct temperature regime.

The drying cycle is quite capacious and takes an average of about two months, and the whole production process of one door, including design development, takes about six months.

Qualitative breeds of wood such as beech, oak, ash and walnut will ensure the durability of the product and provide a comfort for many years.

Also, the door can be different in functionality. Aries that will open only in one direction, or a pendulum that opens in either direction, and of course the door coupe. For apartments with small dimensions perfectly suited for complex doors.

Italian interior doors

Italy, by right, can be considered one of the first who has established the production of interior doors. Here almost every city has its own manufacturing factory.

To date, the production of elite interior doors is equivalent to manual work. It is a labor-intensive process that allows you to make even the most complex customer orders.

 Italian companies use only qualitative materials:

- a natural tree of oak, pine, beech or walnut;

- durable and environmentally friendly MDF, suitable for veneering, lamination and painting;

- matt, colored, engraved glass;

The Italians made the color palette quite rich. It includes virtually all shades ranging from light and pastel tones to bright and colorful shades.

Quality carving is one of the nuances that points to the high cost and magnificence of the doors.

Natural veneer of exotic trees, ivory, patina, applique, carvings will decorate any door.

If you are a modernist fan, then you will find a door made of colored plastic, which, due to its large number of shades, can satisfy even the most ambitious wish.

If you like high-tech, then you will definitely appreciate the rigor of the combination of glass and metal.

 Interior doors made of natural wood

In the manufacture of doors, only high-quality materials are used, especially if it concerns the manufacture of elite. Only selected breeds of wood are used.

Good material is gum, alder, oak and pine. Depending on the material, wood processing technology is selected.

The most common is oak. The oak product is always relevant. At the end of many years the wood only improves. These doors are warm and soundproofed. Their price and quality match each other perfectly.

Ash is distinguished by high density and hardness. This is a guarantee of its durability and durability.

One of the most important stages in the production of doors is grinding, polishing and applying varnish. This is a very laborious final process, which carries a fair amount of responsibility for the work done.

Also, you need to pay tribute to decorating the doors. It may be a coating of enamel, carvings or patina.

Exclusive custom-made doors

Thanks to our company, Italian custom-made doors became available in Kiev.

We offer exclusive original design solutions for any client. Elite doors are able to emphasize the delicate taste and the status of the owner.

With their help you can decorate the interior and expand the space. Elite doors belong to a high price category, but they are worth it.

We provide a wide range of both front doors and interior doors.

Here you can order premium-class doors for any taste, any size and complexity.

Many years of experience working with factories of world scale speaks of our high level.

Durability, quality, which corresponds to price and aesthetic appeal have become a calling card of our product.