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Respecting Terzani's craft traditions, each "lighting sculpture" continues to incorporate traditional methods of glass and metal processing, as well as to pay individual attention to each detail. Their projects are created through dialogue between Terzani and some of the world's most famous designers. Terzani is proud to work with many talented artists to create an original company style. Born in Florence, the company was forced to follow the creative appeals of the magical city.
When you look at the design of Terzani, you can feel how this light magically envelops the surrounding space and is completely different from all the others.
Terzani - elegant and refined, innovative but original. The factory uses the latest technology, but also uses exquisite materials traditionally made by hand by local craftsmen. Each lamp is a sculpture that should spread a magical play of light. This creates a constant interaction between the lamp and the space around it.
The feeling that this factory radiates is a feeling of harmony and unity. These products are based on the human process - each item is created with love. The essence of the factory is the vision of beauty in the modern world, traditions and the search for new forms. For all these reasons, the company is growing and expanding its exports to a large number of countries.