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Meridiani stands out from all other factories due to its modern and at the same time universal collections.
After more than thirty years of experience in the production of upholstered items in the furniture sector, Renato Crosti founded Meridiani in 1996, thanks to the passionate idea of ​​his wife Laura Ferraro Crosti and designer Andrea Parisio, who still remains the brand's art director.
Meridiani immediately distinguished itself in international markets thanks to its exquisite collections and wide and rich textile offer; In a few years, the brand has become synonymous with quality and timeless elegance, offering interior design projects that are far from temporary trends, but always relevant.
MERIDIANI's original products are the result of the best materials, careful production and precise quality control: experience, know-how and care for details are guaranteed by craftsmen whose work goes hand in hand with industrial processes.
All original MERIDIANI products are accompanied by a warranty certificate.
Comfort and versatility are the main features of all Meridiani collections, so together with fabrics, materials and finishes, each product is unique. Skillfully made wood is the main character of the latest Meridiani collections.