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What makes Agresti truly unique? It is not only the term “Made in Italy” that makes them unique, but also the experience and traditions of work, design, functionality and level of each product. Safety, elegance, sophistication: these are the directions for Agresti, followed by the factory, producing elegant safes, chests of drawers, exquisite furniture, carefully crafted by hand, and more for over 70 years.
In fact, their wide range includes exclusive brass necklace holders, innovative Swiss mechanisms for charging automatic watches, storage boxes for jewelry of all kinds, compartments designed to carefully store pens, watches and documents, exquisite items for cigars and games, elegant alcoholic beverages and wine cellars.
From metals to leather, crystals to suede, stones to brass, everything is handcrafted and meticulously crafted with minimal environmental impact.
In the same factory, every step of the production process is taken care of: raw wood is expertly processed by a skilled workforce who models it and transforms it into what will become the basis for a new creation.
Agresti is really special, because it differs from other factories in its originality and uniqueness. It is not like others - this is how you can best describe this factory.