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Home interior


In the furniture sector, Morelato, with its extensive collection and offers of classic and stylish furniture, is considered a culturally recognized brand in terms of design, production.
With Morelato it is also possible to get real bespoke furniture, designed and conceived according to your home environment. You can access Morelato's extensive catalog with a selection able to satisfy all the needs that arise when someone decides to furnish a home, creating compositions full of values, craftsmanship in wood, first-class natural materials.
The wide production program and the large range of furniture offered by Morelato, this program, aimed at the production of classic and stylish furniture, is a panorama of the setting of the premises from the point of view of project preparation, production and commerce, has given the company the opportunity to gain general recognition within the culture of the production organization.
Morelato is a brand that has always expressed research, experimentation, production, and development.