Ulivi Salotti
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Ulivi Salotti

Ulivi, which today is the leading Italian manufacturer. Initially, its assortment consisted of upholstered furniture, and the factory has accumulated considerable experience in working with solid wood and leather. Today, it produces luxury sofas, beds, armchairs, ottomans, banquettes, chairs, tables, coffee tables, racks, shelves, as well as accessories - shelves, consoles, lamps, mirrors.
Ulivi Salotti has always had in mind the quality of materials and craftsmanship. even today
the production process is completely managed inside the company's main building, where every stage of production is carefully checked for every element, from design to the final introduction to the market of all our creations. Every product from Ulivi Salotti goes beyond a clean look:
everything is done to guarantee long-lasting and aesthetic beauty,
VICTOR SECTIONAL is a bold silhouette and elegant details characterize this modern sofa. Sofa - VICTOR SECTIONAL will provide enough seating space and a strong visual effect. Its curved metal legs with a satin brass finish support a padded metal structure with linear profiles featuring thick armrests and diagonal back cushions. Upholstery is made of brick red grass leather.
In a world where industrial production tends more and more to standardize and trivialize everything,
and Ulivi Salotti is proud to demonstrate excellent craftsmanship, excellence and flexibility of production.