Karman luminaires
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Karman luminaires

Karman lamps are all about the unconventional.

A creative team of well-known modern designers works on the development of such unusual lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps, floor lamps. Matteo Ugolini proved that Karman lamps are more than just lighting devices. It was this master who created the brand's business cards, including sconces in the shape of wild boar and deer heads, a rabbit chandelier, herbal floor lamps, and lace lampshades. The designer is inspired by nature itself to create such works.
The Bizzarri Design studio has created four series of lighting fixtures for the brand. These models are made in a common corporate style and boast a non-standard shape, materials, and construction.
Different materials are used for the production of Karman lamps: metal, textiles, ceramics, glass, plastic, crystal, gypsum, stone. The stylistic trends are also diverse. The brand's products will be appropriate in modern, classic, minimalist, high-tech, Provence, country, and vintage interiors.
At Karman, every project and every single designer lamp is born out of the love and passion of the creative staff. Thinking out of the box to give life to original designer lighting, free from any stereotypes, is what drives Karman every day in everything they create.

We speak with light, our team is always ready to help you in choosing a luminaire!