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Now almost everyone has a summer cottage or just a country house in the wilderness, where you can escape from the city vanity and forget about the problems.

The arbor or open veranda is the main place in your homestead.

Therefore, I want to always make it as comfortable and comfortable as possible, so that rest, all holidays and meetings with friends would be at the highest level, and of course hide from the interfering external factors that could spoil the whole atmosphere of fun.

The right proportions and design of your arbor perfectly complement the canopy of the DFN By Samuele Mazza factory.

It is created in the style of art deco, which will cause admiration not only for you, but for your guests.

This style is suitable for people who can not live without luxury and are not afraid to surprise others with exclusive things.

Baldahin is not only a piece of decor.

It is able to protect you from the sun, weather and insects, and it does not interfere with the circulation of fresh air, which makes the stay in the gazebo even more pleasant.

All the products of the factory DFN By Samuele Mazza are made only of the highest quality materials, so you can not worry about the fact that it will serve you for a short time.

Its main qualities are grace and charm, with which you can create your paradise and enjoy nature.

Baldachin factory DFN By Samuele Mazza is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical, which greatly simplifies the task of choosing a decor for your gazebo.