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Currently, upholstery fabrics are presented in a very large amount.

Various textures, a wide color palette and a diverse quality overwhelm world markets.

But you always want something unusual and unique.

The Italian factory DREAMLUX & DREAMBEAUTY has found a solution that can satisfy the wishes of many customers.

She created an amazing collection of fabrics glowing in the dark.

DREAMLUX & DREAMBEAUTY is an innovator in the production of textiles, but this does not prevent it from taking the place of one of the best.

Many years of experience, the latest technologies and original design solutions are the company's foundations.

All products are made at the highest level and they can be called truly unique. In addition, they are absolutely safe for consumers and the environment.

The main goal of the company is the opportunity to amaze and surprise its customers with new and unique ideas.

Their product is created according to all the necessary characteristics and goes through all the stages of production.

Also, it has such quality as increased wear resistance and is treated with a special impregnation, which protects against moisture and stains.

The factory DREAMLUX & DREAMBEAUTY is trying to create fabrics that are durable, with good hygienic characteristics and at the same time beautiful.

Thanks to the best design developments and the most detailed manufacture all products guarantee the service life and the duration of storage of its original appearance