Bed Academy Piuma factory Twills
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Bed Academy Piuma factory Twills

The Italian furniture factory Twills has been specializing in the production of luxury beds for more than 20 years.

Thanks to the high quality of products, it has won the world market and has become one of the leading companies in the field of furniture.

Unique design and new trends are regularly and carefully monitored by designers who tirelessly develop new projects.

The company works not only on the practicality of beds, but also on their individuality.

According to these principles, there was created a double bed ACADEMY PIUMA, with a soft headboard, thanks to which you can not worry that you hit your head on the bedstead of the bed.

The modern style of this bed is emphasized by laconicism and expressive style, and high-quality materials give it an appropriate high cost and exclusivity.

Specially treated wood, leather and a pleasant upholstery fabric is an amazing combination of refinement and unsurpassed Italian chic.

The diligent production process of Twills keeps all the features of manual work, which allows you to get the best quality product.

Are not deprived attention and the details of the bed, which are carefully worked out by employees of Twills.

The company is focused on creating value for its customers, so it adheres to the principles of lean manufacturing and is always oriented to the customer.