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Italy is famous all over the world for good furniture. This country keeps many secrets for its production. The Altrenotti factory was founded in 1930 in northern Italy, in the Montanaro province of Turin, and occupies an honorable place in the furniture market. The first mattresses were created by hand from wool and horsehair in the courtyards of houses. The manufacture's specialists did not spare their time and effort to develop a unique design of products. The buyers appreciated the hard work.
The ALTRENOTTI range belongs to the premium segment, distinguished by original finishes and the highest quality. The brand's assortment is constantly growing. For almost 100 years, the masters have been doing painstaking work and continue to perfect the art of sleep. The factory honors the traditions of the past and treasures the acquired property of the fathers. Traditional technologies are used in their production. The company is constantly developing and owns modern equipment. Computerization allows us to bring the furniture manufacturing process to perfection and to occupy the leading positions in the ranking of the world's best manufacturers.
Initially, the main clients were people who lived next to the artisans. Over time, the family gained worldwide fame, and a small company turned into a large enterprise. Today there are two workshops located in the same place, in the heart of Italy.
Every year the factory gains more and more supporters on all continents. This means that the quality of the goods and the reputation of the craftsmen are in the first place. The result of painstaking work is comfortable mattresses, stylish beds and beautiful linens. Competent organization of the workflow allows us to produce a large volume of products. The comfort and health of the consumer is paramount, the client should get maximum satisfaction from sleep and rest. This is what a tired person needs.
Furniture has gained popularity also because craftsmen use manual labor in the manufacture of furniture. Renowned designers and artists make many people's dreams come true.