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Andrea Fanfani

The story of "Andrea Fanfani" - a classic Italian furniture company - is a story of passion. It is in this extraordinary cultural context of Florence that Andrea Fanfani learns the most exquisite production techniques of classic Italian furniture and immerses himself in the world of art and develops a special taste for beauty that lasts a lifetime.
The story of Andrea Fanfani is a love story that develops in an extraordinary cultural context: studying in Florence means total immersion in the world of art, developing a special taste for beauty that lasts a lifetime.
"Andrea Fanfani" today is a solid company in which, together with the founder, his sons Marco and Roberto work, as well as a team of highly qualified employees. Valuable techniques and traditions of furniture manufacturing are combined with a modern management system and a global distribution network.
For more than forty years, the company has been researching, designing and manufacturing furniture in accordance with the ancient Florentine tradition. Knowledge, skills, techniques and craftsmanship are kept alive through a skilful combination of tradition and innovation.
It is here that the founder Andrea Fanfani - the founder of the company of the same name - learns about the best finishing techniques such as carving and the use of gold leaf, imbued with craftsmanship and knowledge in the best workshops.