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Alivar has been manufacturing furniture since 1984. The main thread of the brand's philosophy is to create furniture in a style characteristic of the mid-twentieth century. The style of a bygone era is taken as a basis and refined by designers. The result is a practical and completely modern product with a touch of antiquity.
Alivar furniture has fans all over the world, a dynamic company constantly attentive to technological evolution and research in design and architecture, with collections that touch all areas of life, recognizable, homogeneous in style and heterogeneous in type of offer.
They worked with different materials, trying to improve their internal characteristics and take care of every detail.
Designer furniture with a unique personality, international appeal and 100% Italian quality.
Their message is addressed to a clientele who loves luxury without bragging rights and who buys an Italian product because they understand its value and what it represents.
Over the years, Alivar has offered its own overall vision, so the client, retailer and designers approach the company because they are attracted by the overall style it offers.