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Fifty years of research, experience and implementation have helped the founder of Alchymia - Lucio Doro and his sons who joined him to create masterpieces of excellence.
Creative studio, workshop, ongoing projects are areas where the values ​​of Alchymia are demonstrated: art history, exciting style, decorative design services focused on the domestic market, but especially on the international market.
Design studios and interior designers see Alchymia as a partner with the skills to do the artwork needed to decorate the homes of end customers. Also for this reason, Alchymia sells works in the most important cities around the world, leaving its mark, unmistakable and always different, but appropriate to the personality and taste of the client.
Artistic culture, technical know-how, respect for traditions and the ability to overcome them allow Alchymia to develop innovative proposals in the field of decoration, which has been studied in all directions for centuries. The concepts of the collections are based on the artist's vision and are achieved through the use of all the passion and experience of highly professional employees involved in the factory.