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The Giulio Marelli brand was founded in 1964, but its history goes back even further. It began in 1920 with Mr. Giulio Marelli's carpentry workshop specializing in the manufacture of wooden frames for sofas and armchairs. And only in the 60s, with many years of experience, did Marella have the desire to open his own business for the production of upholstered furniture.
Today, stylish chairs and sofas of the Giulio Marelli brand have become a worthy decoration of the interiors not only of private apartments and houses, but also of many European offices, cafes, restaurants and hotels. The company's furniture can be seen in the luxurious rooms of the Hilton hotels in London and Dresden, as well as in the lobby of the most famous and unusual London skyscraper, the Mary X.
The popularity of the brand is explained by its exclusivity and full compliance with the requirements of modern design. The uniqueness of the models lies in the bold combination of different materials - leather, linen, steel. Transforming sofas allow you to change the layout and "adjust" to the wishes and mood of the owner, taking care of his health.
Each Giulio Marelli sofa and armchair is a unique design and emphasized ergonomics
Creativity and functionality are the main features that distinguish the designs of world-renowned designers who collaborate with the Giulio Marelli company.