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The Italian furniture company I4 Mariani is a prime example of a family business. For the past five decades, the production of high quality furniture has remained in the hands of one family. Tradition and improvement of technologies, introduction of new methods - these are the basis of the company.
In the name of the Italian furniture company is the number "4". This is a reminder of the four brothers who are the founders. The company was founded in 1957 and to this day I4 Mariani continues to be a family business. Currently, it is run by the sons and daughters of the founders, for more than half a century, I4 Mariani furniture has been known in many countries of the world.
The company specializes in the production of furniture for home, office and public spaces, the assortment of the factory includes a variety of upholstered furniture for offices and bedrooms, living room sets and much more.
The furniture produced by I4 Mariani is of high quality, unique design and the use of environmentally friendly natural materials. Also, the I4 Mariani factory is famous for the fact that innovative technologies are used in the production of products in combination with handmade elements. This makes I4 Mariani furniture unique and recognizable among others. It should be noted that I4 Mariani furniture is very reliable, practical and durable.