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It all started with a dream.
To realize passion, to create with handicraft experience passed down from generation to generation, our products designed by us, perfected, studied to the smallest detail, and then bring them to people's homes, just like at home.
The Cierre factory originated in Forlì in the 70s as a small craft workshop opened by Romano Conficcioni and his wife Cesarina. Gradually, from a tiny enterprise with only a few employees, they grew into a large company, and over time they attracted children to the family business - now the third generation of the family runs the factory. By the way, they were among the first in their industry to launch a full production cycle.
What could be better than enjoying a pleasant stay and conversation with loved ones on high-quality, elite Italian furniture that can give coziness and comfort?
Cierre's approach to production is distinguished primarily by its ability to combine Italian craft traditions with the introduction of new technologies into the production process. The skin here is considered not just as a working material, but as an artist's palette, with the help of which the ideas that have arisen are embodied. The best raw materials are selected from international markets and then processed at local tanneries, ensuring consistent quality.
Therefore, when buying luxury Italian leather furniture from Cierre, you are guaranteed to get a unique design, unsurpassed quality, comfort and a stylish interior solution for your living space.
Deciding to buy an Italian bedroom, a sofa or a Cierre bed, you will understand how modern coziness can be. Cierre craftsmen draw inspiration from a variety of sources, for example, they find it in water as a symbol of purity and transparency, embodying its smoothness and fluidity in furniture forms, in the aesthetics of the 70s. The brand still maintains the atmosphere of a real craft workshop that has developed here.
Striving for innovation. To enable the business to grow, the factory operates with passion, great attention to detail and a commitment to innovation, therefore with the same skills that characterize Cierre's approach to making upholstered furniture. In addition to first-class leather sofas, Cierre manufactures armchairs, chairs, beds, as well as home accessories and other furniture.
Craftsmen, furniture makers, designers and artists work with skill and care, making the most of the teachings of the tradition of craftsmanship to meet the demands of today's world. Now Cierre's production facility covers an area of ​​12,000 square meters. m. Currently, 130 irreplaceable craftsmen with unique skills and experience work here.
From the 1970s until today, every generation of our family has contributed to enriching the company's experience, shaping a dynamic and established reality, perfectly integrated into the European fabric of "family business" and "Made in Italy" design.
Since Cierre pays a lot of attention to the quality of products, as well as the safety of workers, the company developed in 2010 an integrated quality management system and social accountability, which is confirmed by the relevant European certificates UNI EN ISO 9001 and SA 8000.
"If yesterday we were able to wisely interpret someone else's taste, each time offering our contribution to the perfection of performance, today we can do more, today we are artisans who can create for those who wish, a new ideal, alive, ours."