Cappellini Intagli
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Cappellini Intagli

Classics, history, tradition
The well-known Italian factory Cappellini Intagli, deservedly famous for its high production culture, is located in Cabiate-Como. The company, since its foundation in the post-war year 1947, has set itself the goal of reproducing works of the classical heritage of the past.
The products are 100% entirely made in Italy. Today, the company can create every item in the collection in-house. Thanks to the specialization of each production department, all our products are completely manufactured in our offices in Mariano Comense and Cabiate.
The factory combines elegance and sophistication combined with luxury and chic. The furniture of the company from Cabyate is a visual embodiment of what respectability should look like. The assortment of the collection brand for different living areas includes sets for offices, bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. In addition, there are many decorative accessories - mirrors, vases, candlesticks and lighting devices. So, if you wish, you can fully equip the entire house in a single style and decorate it with individual bright elements.
Like all luxury furniture brands, Cappellini Intagli has a number of design features that make its products easily distinguishable for professionals and connoisseurs. During the manufacture of products, materials are used that have quality certificates and meet modern environmental safety requirements. The use of expensive hardwoods, marble, glass, metal, which the craftsmen of the company combine with their inherent skill and sophistication. The factory uses gold and silver foiling, inlaid veneer, tree root cuts and embossed leather, brass and gold-plated inserts, as well as inlay . These elements give Cappellini Intagli furniture additional charm and splendor. Gold and silver foiling, inlaid veneer, tree root sections and embossed leather, brass and gilt inlays, and inlays are often used in the decoration. These elements give Cappellini Intagli furniture additional charm and splendor.
Thanks to the fact that Cappellini Intagli constantly works with well-known architects - it gives the opportunity to constantly charge its customers with new emotions and replenish new collections.