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Home interior


The company was founded in 1963. Making a choice in favor of Italian furniture, it is simply impossible to be mistaken. After all, she has a unique charm and noble sophistication. The factory is confidently looking to the future - all collections of home furniture are designed not just in step with the times, but also taking into account the future development of world design. Modern Italian home furniture is designed in a wide range of models to meet any design and functionality needs.
Bontempi Casa offers modern furniture made of quality safe materials. A wide palette of colors is another advantage of the brand's products. Combinations of tones will help create a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere in the interior. The collections of the Bontempi brand are presented in different styles and directions, the furniture will be an exquisite decoration of the bedroom.
The main goal of Bontempi Casa is to achieve uniqueness in each project, continuously raising quality standards and confirming affiliation to everything listed as Made in Italy. Every day the company works on new technologies, new design concepts, new products to offer the best solutions.
The company's dream is to create the perfect interior, where every space is pleasant and cozy, where you can experience unforgettable emotions every day.