Bed Ulysse B 751 factory Elledue
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Bed Ulysse B 751 factory Elledue

The bed is one of the most important attributes of the bedroom.

It should not only be comfortable, but also complement the interior of your home.

 A beautiful and comfortable double bed with a wide Ulysse headboard from the Elledue factory, made in an art deco style, perfectly complements the design of your room.

If you like to have breakfast in bed or read at night, then the elongated bed headboard is what you need.

 Its overall dimensions will provide you with comfort and will create warmth and comfort in the bedroom, and the velvet upholstery will allow you to feel on the tops of convenience.

Ulysse's bed is well thought of, because the Elledue factory is the leading global classroom furniture market.

The wood, from which the bed is made, takes place at the factory at all stages of processing, from drying to painting, and exquisite fabrics and materials make it unique among such a large number of other brands.

It is designed by international architects who work hard to develop new, innovative design solutions.

Comfort, luxury and comfort are the main qualities of the Ulysse bed.