Chair Pulp Kristalia
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Chair Pulp Kristalia

You should get maximum comfort thanks to the furniture that surrounds you.

Especially it concerns armchairs and chairs.

What should be the ideal chair?

Correctly! Comfortable, high-quality and complemented by an interesting design.

The amazing console armchair Pulp fits all the points.

It was designed by the designer Christophe Pille, and the factory Kristalia successfully started manufacturing.

Kristalia has opened up completely new directions in design, thanks to which it began to create amazing and original products.

The basic principle of this factory is that all ideas should be maximally disclosed and demonstrated, while preserving their uniqueness.

A chair made of polypropylene in a modern style will become the hallmark of your room.

The material from which it is made makes it incredibly durable, which guarantees long-term operation.

This is an innovative idea in design that will not leave anyone indifferent and can revive any space. Its elegant lines emphasize the modern style of any establishment.

Pulp is modeled according to the shape of the human body, comfortable and enveloping, it is this advantage that will help you or your customers completely relax.

This chair is ideal for restaurants, shops, offices, hotels and of course bars.

You can purchase it in any color, which will allow you to choose the right attribute for the most diverse interior.