table Neat Kristalia
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table Neat Kristalia

Not one modern office will not do without a good and proper design.

It's very important to distribute the workspace correctly.

The main thing is for the employee to work comfortably and comfortably.

In this difficult matter, you need to pick up quality furniture that will last a long time and will contribute to the development of the workflow.

To this end, the Italian factory Kristalia thought out the details of office furniture to the smallest detail, of which the Neat table stood out with its laconism.

This is the perfect design solution to date for any office or home.

The design was developed by the famous French designer Christophe Pillet.

Correctly selected geometric shapes make the table compact and resistant, and modern style emphasizes the elegant taste of its designer.

A pleasant surprise is that you can order a table in any size: 180 x 90 cm, 200 x 90 cm, 220 x 100 cm or 240 x 100 cm, which means that you do not have to cut down space or the furniture itself.

The materials from which the products are made justify the quality of the product.

The base of the table is made of durable aluminum, the color of which you can choose yourself, and the rest of the details of veneer or covered with sheet metal.

The high quality of the steel sheet ensures the durability and reliability of the table.

For convenience, a cable hole is located in the table, which greatly facilitates the installation of the equipment.

Also, you can complete the design with a panel - a screen that will hold thanks to the attached magnets.

The Neat table is an indispensable part of the interior in any modern office.