new catalog techi nova fortune II
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new catalog techi nova fortune II

To date, the furniture brand Tecni nova is one of the most diverse in its design and choice of products.

The collection of 2018, which was presented at the exhibition in Milan - is a collection of handmade, fashionable contemporary color scheme and material with a stunning texture of Mediterranean culture.

Natural wood, warm and stylish shades are displayed in the new catalog of the FORTUNE II factory.

The Tecni nova brand is the creator of classical furniture and modern luxury traditions.

Very rarely in the collections of one factory such a variety of interior details was created.

Sofas, armchairs, couches, bedroom and living room furniture are all in the FORTUNE II catalog.

The factory Tecni nova is famous for its amazing handmade work and unique furniture design.

The catalog contains products of various styles, including: classic, neoclassic and empire.

To all, the brand offers a huge selection of textiles and finishes.

The main distinguishing feature of the factory are limited collections, all of which are unique in their design and design.

Products Tecni nova is popular in more than 40 countries of the world and is able to transform any room, while creating a unique sense of comfort and style.