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Agresti (Italy)

Safety, elegance, refinement: these are the guidelines for us of Agresti that for over 60 years we produce elegant safes, coffered boxes, valuable furniture expertly handcrafted, and more.

In our wide range of products, in fact, there are exclusive brass necklaces, innovative Swiss mechanisms for automatic watches, drawers for storing jewels of all kinds, compartments equipped for collecting pens, watches and documents with care, refined articles for cigars and games, elegant wine and spirits small cellars.

Within our Florentine laboratories we select only the best materials for you: from metals to hides, from crystals to chamois, from stones to brass, everything is handcrafted strictly with a low environmental impact.

In this same factory we personally take care of every stage of the production process: raw wood is worked with skill by our skilled labor, which models it and transforms it into what will be the basis of a new creation.

The only components coming from abroad are the rotors of the automatic watches, which come to our laboratories directly from Switzerland, and the precious veneers of which Africa and the United States supply us.

All other raw materials are of Italian origin and are processed in Florence: under the same roof all the work is carried out, from raw wood to the finished product.

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