Collection Tube factory Pacini & Cappellini
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Collection Tube factory Pacini & Cappellini

The history of the company Pacini & Cappellini began from the creation of pieces of furniture necessary for daily life and health of people.


Thanks to a well thought-out concept, over the past 30 years, the company has been manufacturing and selling furniture and accessories all over the world, including dining tables, chairs, armchairs, bookcases and wall systems with TV stands that are completely manufactured in Italy.


Excellent ideas, high-quality materials and the best designers are key to the success of the factory.

The main idea of ​​the company is to preserve the traditional values ​​and unique spirit of research, supplementing them with all sorts of novelties.


Since 1982, Pacini & Cappellini has been using an exclusively new industrial process, as well as working closely with a team of eminent designers, developing products that have already become indispensable in the lives of many. These are TV stands created by Fabio Rebosio for the Screen collection and Plurimo desks developed by Hanno Giesler.


Amazes its incredible style collection Tube.

The design of the table has a tubular structure, painted in titanium color, and complement the design of the original parts.

The top of the table consists of glass with electrically welded supports (10 or 12 mm).

Chair with a smooth curved structure. May be covered with leather, eco-skin or cloth.

The bookcase is made of quality wood. Decorated with a transparent bronze glass. The shelves are also made of wood or glass. The cupboard is complemented by drawers.

Each collection includes all the necessary elements of furniture and is created according to the latest modern trends.