Mirror Florio factory Spini Interni
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Mirror Florio factory Spini Interni

The company Spini Interni began its activity in the 30s. The founder of the company is Ernesto Spini.

The factory quickly gained momentum and now Spini Interni products are widely known throughout the world.

All collections of Spini differ between each other with expressive elements and peculiar details.

A distinctive feature of the factory is the combination of classical and modern style.

A special place in the life of the company is the manufacture of mirrors. Beauty, wealth and Italian luxury are all complementary aspects of the exquisite Spini collections.

Of all the mirrors, with its extravagance and Italian charm, the Florio mirror stands out. It has already fascinated many generations of artists and designers.

Florio was part of the toilet of the Duchess Louise Marie Theres de Bourbon. Interlaced leaves and their original decoration adorn the mirror around the perimeter and are able to tempt any connoisseur of beauty.

It is endowed with an exquisite design and exclusivity that will emphasize your wealth and status.

The colors and finishes are selected according to your wishes.

The big plus is that it is done by manual work.

Carved frame with gilding keeps in itself the best Italian traditions and the highest quality.

To date, Spini products are represented all over the world.

If you want your house to become a highlight, then the Florio mirror is an excellent choice.