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Black Tie was born in 2011 to Pierluigi Frigetto. The true beauty and recognizable style of the decor is a concrete expression that has always distinguished the exquisite design of his products, which come to life in the Vicenza area.
Black Tie is a brand that combines a refined taste of timeless elegance with the perfection of Made in Italy production.
Black Tie pays attention to detail and high quality materials with its distinctive feature. Careful attention to the smallest details makes a difference. The passion for well-made handicrafts distinguishes the craftsmen with whom Black Tie works. Production specialists who dedicate maximum care and dedication to the sale of each individual product. A wide range of furniture that the factory can offer everyone, the customer can find themselves in the presented collections and show their life position.
The factory will make your vacation on the furniture not only comfortable but also aesthetic. Black Tie offers a large palette of colors, so you can add bright shades to your interior.

Black Tie furniture is exclusivity, perfection and elegance!