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Capital Collection

Capital was founded over forty years ago thanks to its President Paolo Viskovic. It has really extensive experience in the luxury furniture industry.
The company is constantly developing and growing in all markets around the world.
In the production process, the company is inspired by the cultures of different countries. This company has a goal - to enter homes that are stylistically and culturally different from each other.
Marble and natural stones are some of Capital's finest materials. They differ from each other in texture and color, come from foreign and Italian quarries, carefully selected and processed using advanced technologies.
Each project is developed individually for the client, a part of the soul is invested in each. They try to "feel" the person in order to fulfill the order in a very high quality and especially for a certain person.
In this company, it is believed that "made in Italy" means the best quality and they really work according to this principle. They believe that the world recognizes and values ​​Italian furniture most of all.