Prestige Cucine EuroCucina 2018
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Prestige Cucine EuroCucina 2018

Since 1974, the International Exhibition EuroCucina has been one of the leading exhibitions of high-quality cuisines on the world stage.

The main indicators of EuroCucina 2018 are efficiency, manufacturability and ergonomics.

This year, 117 companies participated in the event, which were located in Milan’s exhibition space of more than 22,000 square meters.

Today, the kitchen is not only a functional space for cooking, but also a place for socializing and family gatherings. With the help of innovative forms and materials, wonderful exhibits of EuroCucina 2018 were created, which combined modern design, high quality, conciseness and aesthetics in all its manifestations.

The EuroCucina exhibition at the Milan Furniture Salon is considered the most prestigious.

A prominent representative of classic kitchens was the Italian factory Prestige, which is a major manufacturer of luxury compositions for decorating kitchens.

Italian sophistication and impeccable appearance blend perfectly with great style.

The creation of closed surfaces with sliding doors, stylish panels with different mechanisms makes it possible to remove dishes and other kitchen appliances from the eyes.