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Aran Cucine (Italy)

The Aran Cucine factory was established in the Italian Teramo region more than sixty years ago.

Like many Italian furniture companies, it grew out of a small workshop that produced products for various residential areas, but then the founder of the brand, Giuseppe Arangaro, decided to specialize in the production of kitchen furniture. A small first enterprise resulted, after some time, in merging into one trademark of five factories.

As a result, today we have the leading Italian Luxury Superbrand, the leader in its segment of production.

The current owner of the company, Renzo Rastelli, continues to develop and consolidate the achievements.

The brand Aran Cucine produces over sixty thousand cuisines annually, which makes it the undisputed leader among Italian factories in this segment of the market.

Directly in the production of furniture more than three hundred people are employed, and the products are exported to more than one hundred and twenty countries. Specialists of the company pay great attention to the environmental friendliness of their products, therefore the materials from which the branded furniture is manufactured are thoroughly tested.

This applies to both wood and metal, for which there are appropriate certificates, and paints on a water basis.

The products themselves are also gradually phased in quality control at several stages of production.

The kitchen in general is quite an important place in your home.

This is a crossroads of meetings and interactions, a theater of anecdotes and pleasant memories, a unity of spirit and matter.

The heart of your home should be cozy and lively, functional and elegant.

This is the driving force that prompts Aran Cucine's specialists to create an attractive design and take original moves to meet your needs. Immerse yourself in the Italian way of life, offered to you by a trademark from the north of the Apennines, feel the beauty of culture and the atmosphere of traditions that unite the family and give life a new sound and unique charm.

Start the morning in the kitchen from Aran Cucine.

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