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Mascheroni (Italy)

The Mascheroni brothers founded a factory in the small town of Cabiate, twenty kilometers from Milan, in 1939. The transformation carried out at the enterprise by the next generation of owners in 1970 allowed the company to reach the next level and enter the international market. To date, Mascheroni brand furniture is produced by two companies located in the neighborhood. The company from Lombardy produces luxury office furniture that is in demand all over the world. Over 90% of the brand's products are exported. Brand philosophy: "Who creates with hands, head and heart is an artist." It is from this position that the designers and cabinetmakers of the factory approach their work. The assortment of the company includes both whole collections of furniture and individual items - office tables, armchairs, shelving. Separately, it is worth noting the specially designed lounge chairs, which are very relevant for a busy work schedule. Designers and cabinetmakers of the brand pay special attention to the recognition of the style of their products, careful ornamentation and perfection of finishing. Noble classic lines in a modern interpretation are the corporate identity of the Mascheroni trademark. In collections and individual items, the brand presents its interpretation of furniture fashion. Strict lines, high-quality materials, chic finishes allow the brand's furniture to remain well recognizable. They also skillfully interweave avant-garde motifs into their vision of modern classics, which also refreshes the offered range. The main specialization of the company is luxury office furniture. These are extremely personalized designs for hotels, representative offices, meeting rooms. For the manufacture of products, elite wood with a variety of finishes and beautifully crafted genuine leather are used. These are furniture for rooms in which transactions for millions are made. Purchasing Mascheroni furniture is a good step to emphasize your individuality and serious approach to business.

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