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Arcari (Italy)

The Arcari Cucine factory was founded in the sixties of the last century by people who were burning with their business and wanted to prove that they also have something to say in the furniture business.

Since more than half a century they have been investing all passion and love in their products, which quite definitely fits the definition of "unique", because it has a distinctive style and its own special charm.

Today, the company located in the village of Isola Dovarez near Cremona, is successfully managed by Giovanni Arcari, continuing the traditions of the founders of the trademark.

The brand specializes in the production of kitchens in the Provencal style, which have a characteristic appearance and are characterized by high quality standards.

The nature of the collections is quite diverse.

The flair and skill of the designers of the company allows you to at least half a step ahead of the trends in the world of furniture fashion and always remain in the forefront of your market segment.

Firm confidently looks into tomorrow, expanding its range of all residential areas of the house, mastering the issue of bathroom furniture.

The company also provides a choice of individual interior items, such as elegant wine bars, sets of tables with chairs, elegant shelves and other accessories.

The company makes its furniture taking into account the binding to its future location, for which it is possible to coordinate the departure of specialists for binding to the size of the room, its lighting and other features.

On the spot it is easier to coordinate with the customers the desired appearance, dimensions and other characteristics of the future collection.

All furniture is made of high-quality environmentally friendly raw materials.

Finishing materials, texture and color of upholstery, accessories are carefully selected by specialists of the trade mark and coordinated with the customer.

Trademark Arcari Cucine scrupulously monitors all innovations in furniture production and introduces all the best in its technological processes, while remaining faithful to traditions and preserving the quality of manual finishing in the final stages of production.

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